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What Are Content Pillars and How to Create Them

Did Someone Say "Content Pillar"? 🤯

A caterpillar? 🐛 Sorry? What do you mean by "Have I identified my content pillars?"

Heard inside the head of a business owner when speaking to a social media marketer about setting up their brand on socials.

A dog looking confused on a bed.

If you’ve been left wondering if you misheard someone talking about a caterpillar or simply have no clue what a content pillar is, don’t worry—I’ve got you covered!

What Are Content Pillars? Think of content pillars as the core themes that guide your social media posts 🙌 If you're a gym enthusiast or interior designer, think of them as the different types of workouts in a fitness program, or the essential colour schemes and furniture styles used to design a room.

They're the foundation of your messaging, helping you stay consistent and keep your audience engaged. By sticking to a handful of key topics, your strategy becomes clearer and more cohesive, ensuring your audience knows exactly what you're all about.

Someone writing notes, overhead shot.

How Many Content Pillars Do I Need? 🧐You'll want to choose 3 to 5 pillars that resonate with your brand. Too many, and your message becomes scattered. Too few, and you'll struggle to diversify your content. Start with 4 and adjust as needed.

How Do I Create Content Pillars? 😫 Grab a notepad, an iPad, or anything else to jot down your answers to these questions:

  1. What does your business stand for?

  2. What do you want people to associate with your brand?

  3. What topics do they care about?

  4. What problems do they need to solve?

Jot down specific post ideas under each pillar. This will help you visualize how the pillars can work together cohesively.

Content Pillars in Action

Still feeling lost? Here’s a quick example of potential content pillars for a pretend wedding cake company called "Layers of Love":

  • Cake Designs & Trends: Share the latest cake designs, styles trending in weddings, and unique ideas to inspire couples.

  • Ingredient Quality & Flavors: Highlight the use of premium ingredients, your flavor selection, and the craftsmanship behind creating distinctive flavors.

  • Client Stories & Testimonials: Share stories from couples and their testimonials to showcase your customer service.

  • Behind-the-Scenes & Baking Process: Give a sneak peek into your kitchen, show how cakes are crafted, and share the passion that goes into baking them.

A wedding bouqet.

Need More Help with Content Pillars? Download my CONTENT PILLAR GUIDE for more clarity!

Feeling Clearer Now? 🐛 I hope this makes things clearer for you!

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